Submitting AKR Sequences

Submission Procedure for Assignment of New Sequences to the AKR Superfamily

  1. Since the proposed nomenclature system is protein-based, the newly identified AKR will require that the amino acid sequence has been obtained by either cDNA cloning or by direct methods. The protein encoded by a cDNA should have been either overexpressed or purified from its natural source. Investigators should provide GenBank, Swiss-Prot, or PIR accession numbers.
  2. Upon submission of a complete protein sequence, it will be matched against the AKRs in the database and placed within the cluster analysis. When submitting sequences investigators should provide the following information:
    • Trivial name if one has been assigned
    • Species of origin
    • Expression system used
    • Substrate used to assign enzyme activity
    • Accession number
    • Status of Publication
    • Citation if one exists
    • Complete contact information for the submitter
  3. The location of the sequence within the superfamily cluster analysis will determine its assigned designation. As needed, new families and subfamilies will be added to the existing system.
  4. The sequence, the assigned designation, and position within the cluster analysis will be returned to the submitter, but the database will not be updated until the submission has been published. We encourage the submitter to use the new assignment in their publication. It is an investigator’s responsibility to notify the web-site that the information submitted has been published and provide the appropriate citation.

To submit a new AKR sequence, click here