Penn Autism Clinic

If you are a person with autism or care for a loved one with autism, finding the right treatment and supports can be very challenging. The Penn Medicine Autism Clinic is here to help.  Our expert clinicians will meet with you to learn about your needs, conduct careful clinical assessments, and make specific treatment recommendations.

Our experienced, caring social work team will then connect you with high-quality treatment providers. They will continue to be available throughout the course of treatment to make sure that you get what you need. Our clinicians will talk with your treatment providers and meet with you regularly to make sure that your experience is positive and that your treatment goals are met.

From diagnosis through long-term goals, our team is here to help.

The Penn Medicine Autism Clinic serves children and adults who have or are suspected of having a diagnosis of autism, and who have health insurance through the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Our treatment plans are submitted directly to Penn Behavioral Health to ensure efficient, coordinated referrals and authorization.

  1. Call 215-746-8103 to complete a phone intake with our staff to determine eligibility.
  2. Complete a mailed intake packet.
  3. Attend a parent interview at the clinic to discuss your child’s history and your current concerns.
  4. Bring your child to the clinic for a comprehensive assessment.  This assessment is personalized to your child and may include tests of cognitive, language, executive, social, and emotional functioning.
  5. Attend a feedback session at the clinic to discuss the results of the assessment, as well as specific treatment recommendations.
  6. Receive service coordination throughout the year.


  • ABA Therapy
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Other evidence-based treatments and supports, depending on the needs of the individual with autism

University of Pennsylvania Health System employees are eligible for the Penn Behavioral Health Autism Benefit to help cover expenses of treating autism spectrum disorders.