Epigenetics Meeting, 6/10/10

Thursday, June 10, 2010 (BRB II/III 251) – Epigenetics Meeting
Nahid Turan, Ph.D. (Temple University)
Inter-and intra-individual variation in allele-specific DNA methylation and gene expression in children conceived using Assisted Reproductive Technology
Steven McMahon, Ph.D. (Kimmel Cancer Center,)
Potential roles for the USP family of epigenetic regulators in ESC function and cancer
Brian D. Gregory, Ph.D. (Lynch Laboratory, Penn Genome Frontiers Institute)
Using high-throughput sequencing to study RNA silencing eukaryotes

Epigenetics Meeting, 5/27/10

Fox Chase Cancer Center
John T. Lis, Ph.D. (5/27/10)
Cornell University
“New Views of Local and Genome-wide Transcription Regulation in Vivo”
12:15 p.m., Reimann Auditorium

Epigenetics Meeting, 5/13/10

Thursday, May 13, 2010 (BRB II/III 251) – Epigenetics Meeting
Ted Abel, Ph.D. (Department of Biology)
Epigenetic Mechanisms of Memory Storage
Greg Dunn (Bale Lab)
Maternal High Fat Diet in Mice Epigenetically Programs Offspring Body Length Across Two Generations
Keerthy Nia, (Elefant Lab)
dTip60 HAT function plays an active role in axonal outgrowth during Drosophila development

Epigenetics Meeting, 4/8/10

Thursday, April 8, 2010 (BRB II/III 251) – Epigenetics Meeting
Alex Mazo, Ph.D. (Thomas Jefferson University)
Ecdysone- and NO-mediated transcriptional regulation by competing nuclear receptors
Xuan Pan, Ph.D. (Atchison Lab)
YY1 PcG functions in B lymphocytes development

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