Phillip-Cremins Lab Posts

Dr. Michael Guo, postdoctoral research fellow in the Cremins lab, is awarded an NIH R25 physician-scientist research fellowship. Congratulations!

Jon Beagan from the Cremins Lab wins the 2020 Sol Pollack award for the PhD thesis representing original research at the forefront of its field. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Katelyn Titus from the Cremins Lab for passing her Ph.D. qualifying exam!

Congratulations to Ali Nikish from the Cremins Lab for passing her Ph.D. qualifying exam!

The Cremins lab receives funding through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for a Neurodegenerative Disease Pairs collaboration with Dr. Kristen Brennand. Congratulations!

Danying Guan joins the Cremins lab for the summer as part of the The American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) Virtual Summer Research Program. Welcome Danying!

Congratulations to Jenn Phillips-Cremins on her promotion to tenure!

We are pleased to announce that Jenn Phillips-Cremins is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award for her work on engineering genome topology to attenuate pathologic short tandem repeat instability….

Nature Review Genetics has recently highlighted a paper from the Cremins lab on Light-Activated Dynamic Looping. Congratulations to all the authors!

Linda Zhou, an MD/PhD student from the Cremins lab, is the recipient of an NIH F30 Grant starting September 2019. Congratulations Linda!