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Department of Genetics
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
452A Clinical Research Building
415 Curie Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6145
Tel: 215-746-5025
Fax: 215-573-7760

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Research Interest

A fundamental question in Genetics and Neuroscience is how the brain executes genetic programs while maintaining the ability to adapt to the environment. The underlying molecular mechanisms are not well understood, but epigenetic regulation, mediated by DNA methylation and chromatin organization, provides an intricate platform bridging genetics and the environment, and allows for the integration of intrinsic and environmental signals into the genome and subsequent translation of the genome into stable yet adaptive functions in the brain. The goal of the Zhou lab is to identify and understand the epigenetic principles that integrate environmental factors with genetic code to govern neural network formation and function in the brain, and to determine how defects in this process may lead to intellectual disability.

Contribution to Science

Zhao YT, Fasolino M and Zhou Z: Locus- and cell type-specific epigenomic switching during cellular differentiation in mammals. Frontiers in Biology 11(4): 311-322, 2016.

Wood KH, Johnson BS, Welsh SA, Lee JY, Cui Y, Krizman E, Brodkin ES, Blendy JA, Robinson MB, Bartolomei MS and Zhou Z: Tagging of Methyl-CpG-binding Domain Proteins Reveals Different Spatiotemporal Expression and Supports Distinct Functions. Epigenomics 4: 455-473, 2016.

Fasolino M, Liu S, Wang Y and Zhou Z: Distinct cellular and molecular environments support aging-related DNA methylation changes in the substantia nigra. Epigenomics 9(1): 21-31, 2017.

Lamonica JM, Kwon DY, Goffin D, Fenik P, Johnson BS, Cui Y, Guo H, Veasey S and Zhou Z: Elevating expression of MeCP2 T158M rescues DNA binding and Rett syndrome–like phenotypes. Journal of Clinical Investigation 127(5): 1889-1904, 2017.