Kavitha Sarma, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Gene Expression and Regulation Program (Wistar)

The Wistar Institute, Rm 232
Gene Expression & Regulation Program
3601 Spruce St, Philadelphia PA 19104



Research Interest

The Sarma laboratory is interested in the mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation, or how the dynamic modifications of the architecture of chromatin, the complex of DNA, RNA, and proteins within the nucleus of our cells, impacts gene expression and cellular function. The lab investigates consequences of epigenetic alterations in neuronal cancers and neurodegenerative diseases using a combination of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and functional genomics approaches to gain mechanistic insight into how chromatin architecture is modified in disease. Our goal is to identify new pathways and interactions that can be targeted to correct these epigenetic perturbations.

Lab Members

KavithaSarmaPI kavitha@sarmalab.com
AnnaBieluszewskaPostdoctoral Fellowabieluszewska@wistar.org
BhanuChandra KarisettyPostdoctoral Fellow bkarisetty@wistar.org
JohnDohertyResearch Assistantjdoherty@wistar.org
PhillipWulfridgePostdoctoral Fellowpwulfridge@wistar.org
QingqingYanPostdoctoral Fellowqyan@wistar.org