Postdoctoral Researcher – Shi Lab

The Shi Lab at the Cancer Biology department of the University of Pennsylvania is recruiting highly motivated and independent postdoctoral fellows (
The lab focuses on epigenetic and transcriptional regulatory pathways that are essential for cancer cell proliferation. We couple CRISPR-based gene editing with next-generation sequencing methods to identify and dissect novel genetic regulatory pathways and further explore them as potential new therapeutic opportunities in cancer. We also develop innovative CRISPR toolkits for robust gene editing in mammalian cells using structure-guided rational design and bacterial directed evolution approaches. We are looking for postdoctoral fellows who will develop/engineer the newly-identified Cas12 and Cas13 protein variants for manipulating genetic regulatory pathways in mammalian cells.
Applicants should have a strong background in molecular biology or biochemistry. Candidates with some level of bioinformatics experience analyzing genome-wide data sets will be considered favorably.
Lab website:
Please send CV, a statement of research goals, and contact information of three references to: