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February 2016

Team Oncohistone (Congcong, Johayra, Bhanu, Simone and Zuo-Fei) had a productive kickoff meeting with the other NIH P01 grant team labs (Dave Allis, Tom Muir, Peter Lewis and Nada Jabado labs) up at Rockefeller University.  Progress on understanding the epigenetic aspects of childhood brain and other cancers will be updated at

The Garcia lab presents in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Department Friday research discussion. Marial and Yumiao presented their latest results from their studies, nice job!

Ben Garcia has won the 2016 Young Investigator Award from The Protein Society. Read the Penn press release here.

New Postdoctoral researcher Peder Lund  joins the Garcia lab.

Michelle’s work on the role of histone H4 acetylation and their reader Brd4 in embryonic stems cells is published in BMC Genomics.

Visiting Professor Dr. Xiaolu Zhao arrives in the lab, welcome!

Bhanu’s research on identifying epigenetic signatures during stem cell renewal and differentiation is published in Proteomics.

January 2016

The Garcia lab welcomes rotation students Keith Campagno and Ziyang Xu to the lab.

We welcome our new postdoc Dr. Yanping Lin to the lab.