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February 2017

Incoming postdoc Josue Baeza has been awarded a Penn  Academic Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship, congrats!

Amber wins a poster award at the annual CHOP Research Poster Day competition. Congrats!

The Garcia Lab welcomes new postdoc Anumita Saha to the group.

Several lab papers are published. Kevin’s  paper on epigenetics and systems biology is published in Methods in Enzymology, Simone’s collaborative work with the Hummon lab (Norte Dame) to identify drug induced histone PTM  changes in a 3D-tumor model is published in Analytical Chemistry, and another paper with the Pierce lab to understand cocaine induced epigenome reprogramming is published in Molecular Psychiatry (also check out the Press Release). Lastly, Kasia’s manuscript on systems-wide cellular changes during herpes virus infection is published in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, congrats to everyone!

January 2017

The Garcia Lab is excited to hear that our multi-lab grant “THUNDER: Tolerant Hosts Using Novel Drug-Enhanced Resilience” has been funded by DARPA.

The Garcia Lab had their annual holiday party. It was a great time with good food, and a fun interesting gift exchange.

Kevin and Dylan present their research work at the Neuroepigenetics Symposium here at Penn, nice job!

The Garcia Lab is thrilled to hear that the Penn Epigenetics Program has now been elevated to the Penn Epigenetics Institute!

Collaborative work with the Moghe lab (Rutgers University) describing histone modifications indicative of cell transitional states is published in Science Reports, while another collaborative study with the Jabado lab (McGill University) focused on understanding the role of histone H3K36M mutations in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas is published in Nature Genetics.

Dylan has been accepted into the ITMAT Certificate Program in Translational Science, and has also received a CTSA award, congrats!

Ben was profiled in an ASBMB “Research Spotlight”.