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September 2019

The lab says goodbye to Zuo-Fei, good luck in Memphis!

Ben has been re-elected to the United States Human Proteome Organization (US-HUPO) Board of Directors for another 3-year term.

Simone’s manuscript describing a method to assess chromatin compaction by MS is published in Scientific Reports, congrats!

Our new postdoc Lindsay Pino has arrived, welcome to the Garcia Lab!

Super M has received an NIH NRSA F31 Predoctoral Fellowship, congrats!

Ben has received the Distinguished Lectureship Award from the New Jersey American Chemical Society Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group.

Kevin publishes his work on simultaneous detection and quantification of single and combinatorial histone PTMs using a novel chromatographic approach to perform Bottom Up and Middle Down experiments in a single run in JASMS, congrats!

Collaborations with the Allis lab on the connection between DNA methylation and histone H3K36 methylation, and with the Reinberg lab on understanding the automethylation activity of PRC2 are published in Nature and Genes & Development, respectively.

Ben has been re-elected to the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) governing council (Western region representative) for another 3-year term.

The Garcia Lab welcomes 1st year BMB  student Adriana Santiago-Ruiz to the lab for the fall rotation.

August 2019

Yekaterina has been awarded a Blavatnik Family Graduate Fellowship in Biomedical Research, congrats!

Mariel C, Bella and Zuo-Fei present posters at the UPenn Chemistry Biology Interface Symposium, where Mariel was awarded first place.

July 2019

The Garcia Lab welcomes Avi, Bella and Paige, our summer HS students to the lab.

Collaborations with the Wallace lab (CHOP) and Blau lab (Stanford) describing mitochondrial regulation of the epigenome, and the role of histone acetylation in muscle regeneration are published in PNAS and Cell Reports, respectively. Kevin and Peder led the Garcia Lab effort on these collaborations.

June 2019

The Garcia Lab comes back from a great ASMS Conference where we had talks from Josue, Mariel C, Zuo-Fei, and Amber. We also had posters from Yekaterina, Joe, Abby, Simone, Bhanu, Khadija, Dylan, Super M, Kevin and Stephanie. Additionally, Josue was awarded the postdoctoral Award, Mariel M. a graduate student travel award, and Abby an undergraduate student travel award.

The Garcia Lab welcomes new BMB graduate student members Michael Gilbert, Janice Reynaga and Neha Srikumar to the group!

Dylan and Anumita publish their research on more accurate biomarkers for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors and microfluidic approaches for single cell proteomics in Modern Pathology and Analytical Chemistry, respectively.

The Garcia Lab welcomes new BMB rotation student Julia Tasca to the lab for a summer rotation.

Super M was named a finalist for the HHMI Gilliam Fellowship, congrats.


May 2019

The lab’s new publication describing a new ultra-throughput analysis of histone modifications is published in Genome Research.

Amber wins a poster award at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute Poster Day and Symposium, congrats!

The Garcia Lab welcomes new postdoc Libby Porter to the group!

Yekaterina receives a travel award from the Delaware Valley MS Discussion Group to attend the upcoming ASMS conference where she will be presenting a poster, congrats!

Collaborations with the Lewis lab (Univ. of Wisconsin) on an ‘oncohistone-mimic’, Stephen Mack (Baylor College of Medicine) on K27M oncohistone mechanisms in gliomas, and the Blobel lab (CHOP) on new regulators of fetal hemoglobin (HbF) production are published in Nature Communication,  Cancer Cell, and Blood Advances, respectively.

Yekaterina has been selected as a finalist for the Blavatnik Family Graduate Fellowship.

April 2019

Khadija and Hee Jong have passed their 2nd year prelim examinations, congrats!

Peder and Yekaterina’s methods article on protein acetylation is published in Methods in Molecular Biology, and a collaboration with the Blobel lab (CHOP) on the role of histone acetylation during mitotic transcription is published in Cell Reports.

Khadija is awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship, and Hee Jong is named Honorable Mention for the NSF Graduate Fellowship, congratulations to both!

Abby wins the Garcia Lab 9th Floor Ballers NCAA Bracket Tournament Challenge, correctly being the only one to select UVa as the Champion. Ben and Peder finished a respectable 2nd and 3rd. “Auburn Joe” is born, and Amber, please stick to surface proteins

The Garcia lab welcomes visiting graduate student Hilde von Gruning (University of Pretoria) to the group for a short research collaboration stay.

March 2019

Collaborations with the Morrisey lab (UPenn) to study transcriptional factors that regulate lung epithelial homeostasis and with the Allis lab (Rockefeller University) to determine the cellular target of menin inhibition in glioma are published in Gene & Development and PNAS, respectively.

John’s work on the epigenetic mechanisms in MPNST cancers is published in Cancer Research, congrats!

Yekaterina gave a talk, and our former summer HS student Bella presented a poster at the Pittcon Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Collaborations with the Maze lab (Mt. Sinai) on a new histone modification sertonylation, and with the Jabado lab (McGill University) to further understand how the H3K27M mutation affects H3K27 methylation spreading are published in Nature and Nature Communications, respectively. Additionally,  Bhanu’s work describing signaling cross-talk with a trans-histone code during myogenesis is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, congrats.

The Garcia Lab is the featured lab of the month on the Epigenetics Institute website, check out the video here, and the Garcia Lab blog post here.

The Garcia Lab will have 4 talks (Josue, Zuo-Fei, Amber and Mariel C), and 12 posters at the ASMS Conference later this year, watch out Atlanta!

The Garcia Lab returns from the US HUPO Conference in Rockville, MD. Mariel C., Peder and Richard gave short talks; Khadija, Zuo-Fei, Kasia and Congcong gave lightning talks; Yekaterina gave a Tips & Tricks talk and Ben gave an invited talk. We also had poster presentations from Josue, Yekaterina, Jen, Khadija, Joe, Kasia, Abby, Bhanu, Zuo-Fei, Congcong and Super M. Last but not least, Yekaterina also won first place in the graduate student poster competition!

Richard’s collaboration with the Bonasio and Davidovich labs to map RNA-protein binding sites on the EZH2 complex that influence its activity is published in Nat Struct Mol Biol.

Mariel C. has been selected to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting in Germany, congrats!

Sam successfully defends his PhD thesis, congratulations Dr. Wein!

The Garcia Lab says goodbye to Simone, who is off to start his independent faculty position at the Einstein College of Medicine, you’ll be missed, best of luck!

February 2019

Abby has been selected to receive an Undergraduate Student travel award from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) to attend the annual ASMS conference in June, congratulations!

Former graduate student Kelly Karch has received a President’s Postdoctoral Scholars Fellowship from the Ohio State University to join Vicki Wysocki’s lab for her postdoctoral studies, congrats!

Mariel C. has been awarded a Graduate Student travel award from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) to attend the annual ASMS conference in June, congrats!

Amber has been selected to receive an AACR-Margaret Foti Scholar-in-Training award from the American Association for Cancer Research, congrats!

A collaborative study with the Berger lab (UPenn) on the role of p300 in senescence is published in Molecular Cell.

Congcong’s multi-omics study to interrogate signaling pathway crosstalk and epigenetic mechanisms during the epithelial to mesenchymal transition in cancer is published in Epigenetics and Chromatin.

Peder has been awarded a travel award to attend the US-HUPO conference next month.

Simone publishes a methods article on understanding the role of acetyl-CoA metabolism and histone modifications.

Peder has received a Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, congratulations!

Josue is awarded an American Society for Mass Spectrometry Postdoctoral Career Development Award, congrats!

The Garcia Lab says goodbye to Anumita, who will be starting her new position at Merck, good luck!

January 2019

The Garcia Lab welcomes our new BMB rotation students Kollin Schultz and Michael Gilbert to the group.

Collaborative studies with the Zaret lab (UPenn) on the role of heterochromatin during lineage commitment, and with the Wellen lab (UPenn) on the role of acetyl-CoA metabolism in pancreatic cancer are published in Science, and Cancer Discovery, respectively.

December 2018

Hee Jong has has been awarded an NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface graduate training fellowship, well done!

A collaborative manuscript with the Pierce lab (UPenn) to understand epigenetic mechanisms behind transgenerational cocaine addiction and behavioral consequences is published in the European Journal of Neuroscience.

The Garcia Lab says goodbye to Ranran, who will be starting a new position at MD Anderson in Houston, best of luck!

The Garcia Lab had the annual Holiday Party with food, games and a gift exchange. Bhanu won the best “ugliest” sweater contest, although there were several top contenders.

Sam’s preprint of his nucleics acids search enginine computaitonal platform is picking up by the Proteomics News BlogSpot.

The Garcia Lab participates in the Chemistry-Biology Interface Symposium. Simone gave a talk, and several members gave posters including Joe who won second place for his poster presentation.

Dylan and John’s review on cancer epigenetics is published in Expert Review in Proteomics.

Stephanie is awarded a Michael S. Brown Penn-GSK Postdoctoral Fellowship, congrats!