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March 2018

Abby is awarded the Joel Barrish Fellowship from the Penn Chemistry Department to support her summer research work, congrats!

The Garcia Lab attends the US HUPO Conference in Minneapolis. Peder, Josue, Laura and John gave talks, while Anumita and Kelly presented posters and lightning talks. Kevin also led an evening career workshop.

Ben Garcia is named the next chair of the NIH Enabling Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies (EBIT) study section.

The Garcia Lab welcomes our newest members, QE-HF, QE-HFX and Altis to Philly!

Our collaboration with the Eckenhoff lab to identify anesthetic drug binding sites on the GABA receptor is published in the FASEB Journal. Johayra and Simone’s review paper on the connection between metabolism and epigenetics is published in Proteomics.

February 2018

Kelly becomes the first Garcia Lab UPenn student to defend her PhD thesis. Congrats Dr. Karch!

Mariel C’s collaboration with the Berger and Capell labs here at UPenn on MLL4 regulation of epithelial progenitor gene expression is published (, congrats!

January 2018

Laura Romano (PGG) joins us for the winter rotation, welcome!

Our collaboration with the Klein lab “Phosphoproteomics reveals that glycogen synthase kinase-3 phosphorylates multiple splicing factors and is associated with alternative splicing” has been selected as the representative ‘Genomics and proteomics’ article for the 2017 retrospective collection called “The year in JBC: 2017”. Read about it here.

The Garcia Lab says goodbye to Sara on her new industrial position, best of luck!

December 2017

Yekaterina wins 3rd Place in the poster competition at the Chemistry-Biology Interface Symposium, congrats!

Our collaboration with the Zaret lab (UPenn) taking a multi-omics approach to identify heterochromatin factors that impede activation of gene expression patterns necessary for cell fate specification is published in Molecular Cell.

Ben is named to the Advisory Committee in the Division of Biological Sciences for the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Ben gives a short research talk at the Eastern PA section of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

November 2017

A multi-Penn lab collaborative effort linking TDP-43 to chromatin remodeling complexes important for induction of protective disease gene expression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia is published in Current Biology.

Bernard Delanghe from Thermo (creator of the Proteome Discoverer software) visits the Garcia Lab and gives a workshop on the capabilities of the latest software version.

The Garcia Lab returns from the Department/BMB graduate group retreat in the Poconos Mountains. Joe, Simone, Kasia, Yekaterina, Dylan, Kevin, Abby, Laura, Zuo-Fei, Mariel C, Amber and Sam presented posters, and Kelly gave a great talk. Additionally, Mariel C won 2nd Place for her poster in the Biophysics category, congrats!

Congratulations to Qi, as her manuscript “Assessment of quantification precision of histone post-translational modifications by using an ion trap and down to 50,000 cells as starting material” is published in the Journal of Proteome Research.

Peder gives a talk at the Penn/CHOP Microbiome Program Symposium.

Amber’s manuscript “GiaPronto: a one-click graph visualization software for proteomics datasets” is accepted by Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, and is picked up by the Proteomics news blogspot, congrats! GiaPronto can be accessed here.

Visiting graduate student Mariana Lopes (Instituto Butantan, Brazil) joins the lab, welcome!

A collaboration with the Gorbunova lab (Univ. of Rochester) on the naked mole rat epigenome (implications for cancer resistance and longevity ) is published in Stem Cell Reports., while another collaborative study with the Sykes lab (Fox Chase Cancer Center) describing the role of the kinase PKCε in supporting cell survival and disease progression in acute myeloid leukemia is published in Clinical Cancer Research.


October 2017

The Garcia Lab has their first Halloween/Murder Mystery Party. It was a great time, as Yekaterina was murdered by Laura, who went on to blow up the entire planet. Simone won best costume, and Joe won best actor. Awards for best carved pumpkins went to Khadija/Audri/Amber for their angry pumpkin and Bhanu for her double helix DNA pumpkin.

Johayra’s studies on the connection between metabolism and histone acyl modifications is published in Nature Communications, congrats!

Ben and Mariel M return from the SACNAS Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, where Mariel presented a research poster, and Ben recruited future graduate students for BGS and the BMB Program.

Kelly’s research on histone ADP-ribosylation is published in Molecular BioSystems, congrats!

The Garcia Lab comes back from the Epigenetics Institute Retreat at Citizens Bank Park (home of the Philadelphia Phillies). Mariel C gave a talk, and Kasia, Simone, Peder and Laura presented posters.

The Garcia Lab welcomes new postdoc Geoff Dann to the group.

Collaborations with the Bonasio lab (UPenn) on methods to determine RNA-binding protein domains, with the Weitzman lab to identify proteomes on viral genomes, and with the Berger lab on the role of cytoplasmic chromatin in senescence are published in JoVEMolecular and Cellular Proteomics, and Nature, respectively.


September 2017

Collaborations with the Klein lab (UPenn), Eckenhoff lab (UPenn) and Lazar lab (UPenn) focusing on the GSK-3 phosphoproteome,  identification of drug-binding sites on the transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 ion channel,  and the HDAC3 interactome are published in JBC, the Biophysical Journal and Nature Communications, respectively.

The Garcia Lab comes back from a GRAAM (Garcia-Roeder-Allis-Armstrong-Muir) meeting at Rockefeller University where John presented his latest research.

Laura and Kevin present their research progress at the department Friday Research Discussion.

The Garcia Lab wishes Yanping well in her new position at Johnson & Johnson.

The Garcia Lab welcomes a new Research Specialist Joseph Cesare to the Quantitative Proteomics Resource Core.

PGG graduate student Khadija Wilson joins the group for the Fall rotation, welcome!

August 2017

Yekaterina’s research on global non-histone acetylation dynamics is published in Scientific Reports! Collaboration with the Bonasio lab (UPenn) on role of the peptide corazonin on Ant caste identity is published in  Cell, and another study in collaboration with the Kang lab (Princeton) describing Nidogen 1 as an inducer cancer metastasis is published in Genes & Development.

Very sad to hear about the recent tragic events in Charlottesville, VA, but a nice reminder on the impact this town has had on the proteomics field can be found here.

The Garcia Lab is excited to hear about the Cell and Molecular Biology graduate subprogram Genetics and Gene Regulation being renamed as the Genetics and Epigenetics Program!

July 2017

Collaborative work with the Zaret lab (UPenn) to identify biomarkers of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is published in Science Translational Medicine. Also check out the CBS News piece on the research work here. Also, a collaboration with Ramalho-Santos lab (UCSF) on vitamin C induction of demethylation of histone H3  in ES cells is published in Epigenetics & Chromatin.

The Garcia Lab welcomes new graduate students Richard Lauman and Mariel Mendoza (joint with the Berger lab) to the group!

Simone’s work to make Middle Down MS for histone PTMs more quantitative by incorporating SILAC labeling is published in Epigenetics & Chromatin. Additionally, our collaborative work with the Moazed lab (Harvard Univ.) on heterochromatin formation is published in Nature.

June 2017

Congrats to our honorary lab member Jarrett Remsberg (Mitch Lazar’s lab) who defended his PhD thesis and will be off for a postdoc in Ben Cravatt’s lab at the Scripps Research Institute.

Our collaboration with the You lab (UPenn) on Brd4 phosphorylation in carcinoma is published in PNAS. Simone’s review on Middle Down MS for chromatin biology research is also published in Expert Reviews in Proteomics.

The Garcia Lab welcomes three high school students for summer research: Aaron Garcia, Ryan Liu and Ayushi Jain.

Research Specialist Sara Montanez and Postdoc Jen Liddle (joint with Matt Weitzman/CHOP) join the Garcia Lab, welcome!

The Garcia Lab comes back from a fun and successful American Society for Mass Spectrometry  Conference. We had 13 posters and Peder, Laura, Kelly, Kevin and Simone gave great talks. Ben helped co-organize a workshop and then won the Indy 500, and Dylan was fired and then re-hired. All in all, it was a great time!

The Garcia Lab welcomes incoming BMB graduate students Mary Szurgot and Hee Jong Kim for summer rotations.

An article highlighting Penn’s Presidential Professors is published online.