Available Positions

Postdoctoral Researchers

The Garcia Lab is always on the lookout for outstanding postdoctoral researchers, and our lab is a great training environment for scientists wanting to learn more quantitative approaches. We often consider postdoctoral candidates that have a variety of training backgrounds including:

  • Mass Spectrometry/Analytical Chemistry
  • Epigenetics/Chromatin Biology
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Genomics
  • Computation and Bioinformatics
  • Cell and Molecular Biology

Interested candidates should submit their CV including names and contact information for three references and a short description of their doctoral training and future research goals to Ben Garcia (bgarci@pennmedicine.upenn.edu).


Graduate Students

The Garcia Lab is always in need of motivated graduate students that are interested in applying quantitative mass spectrometry based technology to specific biological problems. The lab takes students from various graduate programs where Ben is a member (i.e. BMB, GCB, PGG, CAMB, Chemistry or Bioengineering).  Current UPenn graduate students can email Ben Garcia (bgarci@pennmedicine.upenn.edu) to inquire about the possibility of a rotation.

Future prospective students interested in applying to a PhD program at UPenn can do so through the School of Arts & Sciences Chemistry Department or School of Medicine graduate programs. Ben is a member of the Biochemistry and Molecular BiophysicsCell and Molecular Biology (Genetics and Epigenetics sub-division), Genomics and Computational Biology and Pharmacology graduate groups in the School of Medicine.


Undergraduate Students

The Garcia Lab also has some limited research opportunities for undergraduate students for both summer and academic year studies. Please email Ben Garcia (bgarci@pennmedicine.upenn.edu) to inquire about potential projects and the possibility to join the lab.