Quantitative Proteomics Resource Core

The Quantitative Proteomics Resource Core (QPRC) provides investigators access to the most advanced high resolution mass spectrometry based proteomics technologies on a fee for service basis. These approaches are implemented with a broad variety of mass spectrometry based experiments to characterize and quantify proteins from complex biological samples.

Services include:

  • Protein identification from gel bands or solution samples
  • Single protein post-translational modification (PTM) analyses using Bottom Up or Top down MS methods
  • Global proteome expression analyses from cells or tissues using label-free, SILAC or TMT quantification
  • Protein-protein or RNA-protein interaction experiments
  • Global histone PTM analysis
  • Custom analyses based on targets of interest (single target or proteome-wide)


Faculty Director:
Benjamin A. Garcia, Ph.D.

Technical Director:
Hyoungjoo Lee, Ph.D.

Research Specialist:
Joseph Cesare