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About the Lab

Welcome to the Gottfried Lab!

The overarching aim of our lab is to decipher the human sense of smell, spanning both the microcosm and the macrocosm of odorous molecules that help shape odor-based behavior.  Across multiple and entwining basic research platforms, our research addresses fundamental questions about the organization of the human olfactory system at the cellular, molecular, behavioral, affective, and network levels. These approaches are coupled to a wide array of methods and tools, including human psychophysics, task-based functional MRI, intracranial EEG recordings in epilepsy patients, multivariate and machine learning models, as well as immunohistochemistry of the human olfactory epithelium and bulb.

Our lab is situated within the broader neuroscience community at the University of Pennsylvania and has close collaborations with other laboratories in the Departments of Neurology, Psychology, Bioengineering, and Otorhinolaryngology. Given our diverse conceptual and empirical research themes, we are always interested in recruiting Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows with diverse backgrounds, including biology, chemistry, neuroscience, psychology, math, and engineering. The Gottfried Lab accepts graduate students through the Department of Psychology, the Neuroscience Graduate Program, and the Bioengineering Graduate Group. If you have a “nose” for learning more about our lab, please reach out to Dr. Jay Gottfried at: