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Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

The Geffen laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania provides postdoctoral training in systems neuroscience with the broad goal of understanding the neuronal circuits for auditory perception and learning. We are looking for energetic and talented scientists interested in studying the function of the brain. The postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to learn and apply a host of systems neuroscience techniques, including two-photon imaging of population activity, optogenetic manipulations, large-scale electrophysiology and behavior in mice. Prior experience with some of these methods is preferred, but not required. Depending on the candidate’s interests, all projects provide an opportunity to learn and apply advanced computational methods, including dynamic systems analysis of neuronal population activity; Bayesian approaches for understanding the relation between neuronal activity and behavior; machine learning methods to understand large-scale neuronal activity.

To apply, please email Dr. Geffen at : a cover letter (summarize your prior research experience, why you are interested in the position, and your future plans) and your CV.

Graduate Student positions

We accept graduate students for rotation from the Neuroscience, Bioengineering and Psychology programs at Penn. We will design the rotation project based on the student’s interest as well as the current research projects in the lab (see above). Please read our publications and research pages for inspiration! Please email Dr. Geffen with any questions.

Undergraduate Student projects

We have a number of projects for undergrads who are interested in expanding their research skills. We welcome undergraduate students to reach out to Dr. Geffen directly if interested.

Research Technician positions

We do not currently have a research technician position available. If you are interested in working in the lab in the future, please email a brief statement about why you are interested in the laboratory and a summary of your previous research experience as well as you C.V. to