$3.29m 5-year NIH Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Training Grant Awarded

8-section blood thingAn expanded NIH T32 training grant “Multi-disciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Biology” has been awarded for 5 years to support 12 trainees (6 predoctoral and 6 postdoctoral). Up to 2 Cinical Fellows will be supported within the postdoctoral cohort. The program is directed by outgoing IME Director Peter F. Davies (department of Path Lab Med) together with 24 Penn faculty researchers in 3 Schools (Medicine, Engineering, Arts & Sciences).

The grant was top ranked by the NHLBI study section reviewers. The outcome data from the previous funding cycle have been very strong in productivity and successful career development reflecting both the high quality of trainees attracted to the program and the superb Penn training faculty and infrastructure.

Since 2005, trainees have first-authored and co-authored 124 full-length publications in high-impact general journals including: Nature journals (4), Science (3), Cell journals (2), PLos One (2), and PNAS, and in leading biomedical (60), biophysical/biomaterials (24), bioengineering (16) and clinical journals (13). Circulation and Circulation Research (6) Biophysical Journal (7), Blood (6), Biomaterials (5), and Tissue Engineering (6) have the most representation. In addition there is a wide-range of other quality journals in which our trainees publish both specialized and integrative research. These papers were cited 1867 times as of September 2009, an average citation rate per paper of 15.1 (The average includes papers recently published and not yet cited). Many papers are very highly cited:- 14 trainees have been cited >50 times; 5 have been cited >100 times).

Of 19 trainees who have completed training in the current cycle:
6 of 10 new PhDs are now postdocs at prestigious institutions, one (an underrepresented minority) was recruited directly after graduation to a faculty position at the American University of Nigeria, one is completing the MD training portion of her MD-PhD, and two were recruited to Biotech research jobs (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston; Thermo-Fisher Scientific, NJ).

4 of 9 postdocs were recruited to faculty positions at US universities, a 5th is in negotiation, one was appointed staff scientist at the NIH, and 2 joined the private sector.

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