New Textbook: Biological Physics, by Philip Nelson

nelsonbookIn January 2014, W.H. Freeman will publish Biological Physics: Energy, Information, Life, by Prof. Philip Nelson, with artwork by David Goodsell.

Biological Physics develops classic ideas such as thermodynamic forces, transport, electrostatics, fluid motion, and continuum mechanics, all in the context of recent results in molecular motors, self-assembly, neuroscience, and single-molecule manipulation. It is built around a self-contained core geared toward undergraduate students in any science or engineering major, who have had one year of calculus-based physics.

This fifth printing of Biological Physics includes updated versions of the art, reflecting recent advances in structural biology.

For a review copy, contact your local W. H. Freeman representative or call toll-free 800-446-8923. Or visit

Web page for the book:

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