New Website!

New Website

Welcome to the new MSG website! We’ve been working hard to get a more functional website up and running for the Perelman School of Medicine student body and this is the result. While the site isn’t complete yet, we hope you find it a welcome upgrade to the old site.


  • Modern
  • Mobile ready!
  • Searchable
  • New MSG logo
  • Redone Exam Archive (so it’s easier to read)
  • News headlines
  • Newsletter archive
  • Meeting minutes archive
  • Calendar with events from MS1s, MS2s, MS3s, MS4s, student groups, MSG, and more. Plus, you can add any of these calendars to your own mobile or Google calendar with just a few clicks.
  • Student organization funding forms and registration
  • All about MSG: constitution, leadership, committees, etc.

What to expect in the future:

  • An updated and concise student organization handbook
  • Up-to-date merchandise listings
  • Advice and helpful links spanning Mod 1, Mod 2, clerkships and rotations, USMLE, housing, and more
  • SUCKRS (Student Underground ClerKship Review Site) updates