Medical studentAs you go through your clerkships, you might find yourself wondering how you can help your other classmates avoid certain pitfalls at [clerskship site name here] or ask the right questions of [certain attending here]. Of course, you may also wonder if there’s anything you should know for your upcoming rotation as well. Do you really need to be there at [4/5/6/10am]?

We have a place for that: Student Underground ClerKship Review Site (SUCKRS). It’s anonymous (if you choose) and PennKey-protected.

SUCKRS has been around for awhile now and has some great info, but we can always use more. Remember, writing can be a great way to reduce stress! So whether you’re going to base your life on its wisdom or share your thoughts with the entire med school, bookmark it, write it down, tattoo it on your arm or the back of your intern’s head, whatever it takes. Also share it with your friends!

Student Underground ClerKship Review Site (SUCKRS)