November 7, 2012 Meeting Minutes

MSG General Body Meeting and Open Forum

  1. Call to Order
  2. Special Guest: Erin Engelstad (6:05-6:15)
    1. Working with student groups, Council of Diversity
    2. Leadership Summit Dec 4, 12-1
    3. 2nd Summit in Spring semester
  3. Business (6:15-7:6:35)
    1. MSG Feedback: Response from Exec
      1. “Facilitate the brainstorming of new projects”
        1. Yes! That’s what we want to do. Will do some of that in the Dec meeting
      2. “Continuity of information: each year, co-chairs and class reps can go to a list of How To’s, e.g. how to plan Mod 2 Awards Ceremony, how to plan formal, what are class dues, etc.”
        1. Yes! We want that to happen, too. We have the Master Document tabs for that reason, but we need your help to keep this information current and moving forward. What is the best way for us to make it easier for you to access/update this info?
      3. “Make meetings more a venue for feedback instead of reporting, have discussions separate from administrators and coming to a student consensus would be helpful.”
        1. Meetings are really packed as it is and having too much discussion is very difficult because it will extend the time. That being said, definitely don’t be afraid of providing feedback! A lot of the work and feedback/discussion should be done within committees, and the purpose of
        2. The above process is of course easier with students, as for how to give feedback to administrators, we like the idea of generating a “student consensus.”
      4. “Pottruck charges 4th years for a full year despite us leaving in May.”
        1. We wish that wouldn’t happen either, but unfortunately, that it out of our hands. GAPSA has worked with Pottruck in the past as well and has made minimal headway. We feel our collective energies could be better utilized in other aspects of student life at the moment.
      5. “Survey for social activities”
        1. How about a survey getting ideas for all the committees and MSG as a whole? Exec going to coordinate putting something together, but we need your help to generate questions.
      6. “CDYO funding”
        1. We think this is a good idea. Amol will look at the budget and see what we can switch around.
      7. “MSG bonding”
        1. Definitely! Who wants to volunteer to plan bonding events?
    2. MSG Facebook group – like it! use it!
    3. Formal Update
      1. Currently 88 tickets sold
      2. Distance? Get a cab! MSG will call cabs to show up to take people home.
      3. Formal FAQ email
      4. Marketing ideas for ticket sales
        1. MS1s advertising at lectures
        2. Personalize the advertising the classes
        3. Classes organize formal pregames?
        4. Free tickets for liking the FB group
    4. Updating the MSG Constitution
    5. Free Lunch Survey
      1. 63 responses so far, over 2/3 want more nutritious foods
    6. School-wide Survey
      1. Exec putting together a survey for
      2. Goal to send out before Thanksgiving
  4. Class Updates (6:35-6:45)
    1. MS1 – At anatomy review! Went out a Fall Foliage hike, had a pumpkin carving event that got canceled by Sandy, MS1/MS3 mixer had great turnout, Penn Med/Law mixer
    2. MS2 – MS1/MS2 mixer in the works, working on Teaching Awards
    3. MS3 – Halloween Mixer was fun! End of year party planning going on. Set up more structured Sub-I advice
    4. MS4 – Everyone on interviews!
    5. CDYO – “Year out, beer out” was great! Google form to assess experiences for year out and mentors
  5. Committee Updates (6:45-7:00)
    1. Advising – will work with Barb with the Penn Med Houses, advertise Penn Student portal for 1st year summer experiences
    2. Alumni – getting in contact with Alumni office to develop alumni database for students to contact
    3. Budget – new budget in January
      1. Suggestion to have student group budget applications due in December
    4. Communications –
    5. Diversity – Working on communication between committees
    6. Formal – See Business
    7. Merchandise – N/A
    8. Social – Planning one
    9. Student Activities – Leadership Summit Dec 4
    10. Website – Google calendar
    11. GAPSA – meeting tonight!
  6. Open Forum (7:00-7:30)
    1. Rajiv Bhagat, MS4
      1. Update on Med Ed programs
        1. Came to MSG meeting 4-5 months ago with the Q of how to create more student-to-student teaching? Since then:
          1. Created Penn Med Education Group that is working with different modules
          2. MOD1: integrate history/physicals into Mod1
          3. MOD2: help students learn symptom based ddx
          4. ICM: 4th year TAs
          5. DDX: how to present
          6. Med Ed certificate approved, will start enrolling people as of next year. Monthly journal club
        2. Future directions
          1. Small group TAs
          2. Networking with other schools? GAPSA synergy fund, Discretionary fund
          3. Connecting with course reps and curriculum reps
          4. Accelerating clinical thinking? Measuring improvements
      2. Additional suggestions for MSG
        1. How to involve the regular student body
          1. Committees to advertise openly about their current activities
        2. Penn Med Open Mic/Talent Show
          1. Used to be monthly, can we bring it back?
          2. MSG will use this as an idea for Social Commitee
          3. Of note, Ultrasounds is doing a coffeeshop showcase this year
        3. Leadership Forum
          1. To showcase leadership at Penn
            1. Student spotlights in newsletter and on website
    2. Mike Hoaglin, MS4
  7. Adjourn (7:30)
  8. Committee Meetings (7:30-8:00)
  9. Upcoming Events
    1. Meetings
      1. Tuesday 12/4
    2. Formal!
      1. Friday, 11/16