Want a Website for your Student Group?

SOMIS (School of Medicine Information Systems) has graciously offered to design and create webpages or websites for all the student groups at Perelman. Best of all, no website experience is needed! Whether you need to update your current site, or create a new one, you should contact Alethea Pena (penaa@med.upenn.edu), the Project Manager at SOMIS. If you are asking for the creation of a new site, you should additionally email her with:

  • The name of your student group
  • The names and Penn emails of all group leaders (please CC them as well)
  • A brief description of what your group does and what sorts of information you plan to put on the site
  • A note that you were referred to her by MSG

Please note that she will eventually request from you the actual content you want for the site and how you want it split up. Preparing a document and collection of images you’d like on the site will go a long way to getting it up quickly. And of course, don’t forget to thank the hardworking people over at SOMIS!