Members of MSG are elected to office each year. Exective Board members and MS2, MS3, Combined Degree/Year-Out (CDYO) and MS4 Class Officers are elected in the spring. MS1 Class Officers and Treasurers are elected when their class arrives in the fall. Class Treasurers are elected for a 4 year term.

Executive Board

  • President: Elizabeth Duckworth
  • Executive Vice President: Alex Warshauer
  • Vice President of Communications: Leah Seifu
  • Vice President of Finance: Michael Furdyna

MS4 Class Board

  • Co-Chairs: Daniel O’Connor, Alyssa Yeager, and Will Bassett
  • Representative: Jacqueline Soegaard

CDYO Class Board

  • Co-Chairs: JC Lopez and Lauren Miller
  • Representatives: Arka Mallela and Andrew Murphy

MS3 Class Board

  • Co-Chairs: Vicky Triantafillou and Sara Ginzberg
  • Representatives: Katie Dalldorf, Alejandra Guevara, Jessica Zuo, Caitlin Azzo, and Alex Warshauer

MS2 Class Board

  • Co-Chairs: Elliott Eggan and Kara Freeman
  • Representatives: Michael Stephens, Cat Blebea, Blake Meza, Sara Weintraub, Jack Bulat, and Mohima Sanyal

MS1 Class Board

  • Co-Chair: TBD
  • Co-Chair: TBD
  • Treasurer: TBD
  • Representative: TBD

GAPSA Representatives

  • Representative: Krishna Vijayendra, MS4
  • Representative: Elaine Xu, MS3
  • Representative: Ramon Lee, MS1