Find a roommate

You can use the Penn Med Roommate List to find a roommate. Penn’s Off Campus Living site also has a good list for finding roommates. You can also contact students you met at Preview. Don’t be bashful about popping the proposal, everyone’s doing it! Also, don’t be afraid to back out, finding a living partner for the next year is not the time to make big compromises.

Finding a place to live

Center City or West Philly?

Center City is a popular choice for its city-like atmosphere, and abundance of things to do at night. West Philadelphia/University City is more residential and charming–not to mention, more affordable. More detailed information can be found on the UPenn Graduate Guide to Off-Campus Services, Trulia, and Zillow.

Graduate student housing?

On-campus housing at Sansom Place, while not popular among medical students, is convenient, and relatively inexpensive for the services offered. $750/mo. will get you a room in a 2-BR suite with all utilities (extensive cable service, internet, electricity, etc).

High rise or walk-up?

High-rises often include many amenities like cable, internet, and utilities, and a healthy community of med students as well as Business and Law students–but come at a price. Walk-ups are charming and often located in some of Philly’s most beautiful neighborhoods, but the best deals are found if you can get a roommate.

It is worth noting that 2400 Chestnut Apartments is a particularly popular High Rise amongst the Penn Med community. The Left Bank is also located conveniently close to campus and the hospital.

Finding a subletter

You may be gone doing research for a summer, or doing away rotations in your fourth year. If you are willing to sublet your apartment, post your apartment on Craigslist or Rotating Room. These websites may also be used to find an apartment to sublet wherever you may be visiting. You can also contact the home institution for suggestions on other local apartment hunting resources.