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Deferred Gift Annuity

How It Works

You transfer cash, securities or other property to Penn Medicine.

Beginning on a specified date, Penn Medicine pays you, or up to two annuitants named by you, fixed annuity payments for life.

The principal passes to Penn Medicine when the contract ends.


  • Deferral of payments permits a higher annuity rate and generates a larger charitable deduction.

  • You can target your annuity payments to begin when you need them, such as retirement or when a grandchild needs help with tuition payments.

  • The longer you defer payments, the higher the effective rate you will receive.

  • You have the satisfaction of making a significant gift now that benefits both you and Penn Medicine later.

For More Information

E-mail or call us at 215-898-9486, or complete the Request Information form. We will happily assist you through every step of the process.

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