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Projects in the Translational Correlative Studies Laboratory (TCSL) focus on the development and application of cutting-edge biomarker and correlative research studies in the context of both clinical and translational studies to support clinical trials of novel immune-based therapies to target cancer and infectious disease.

TCSL Location and Contact Info

The TCSL is located in the Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics on the 9th floor of the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine South Tower.

Latest News

Our manuscript in the February 2020 issue of Science describes a clinical trial in which three patients received CRISPR edited and TCR-transduced cells. Six current members of TCSL were among the authors.

TCSL Publications

Scientific publications describing TCSL research and clinical trials supported by the TCSL.

Who We Are

TCSL Laboratory Members

The staff members of the TCSL; their roles in the laboratory, experience and expertise.

Our Research

Developing and Evaluating Immune based therapies for cancer and infectious disease

  • Adoptive T cell Therapy
  • Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) engineered T cells to target cancer
  • CTL019 (CART19) to target CD19-positive malignancies
  • T cell receptor (TCR) engineered cells to target cancer
  • Other gene-engineered T cell strategies to modify T cell function

Our Collaborators

Some of the people we work with