Freya Nezir, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Freya Nezir, PhD is a Research Assistant Professor in the Center for Mental Health at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Nezir’s main interest is in the economic evaluation of health services, policy and practice. She has studied patterns of organization, financing, and delivery of health care services to persons with psychiatric and developmental disabilities with a focus on better understanding the economic consequences of mental and developmental disabilities on families, public and private health care service sectors, and society. She has conducted studies on children with autism, examining determinants of their service use and costs, and their societal and familial economic impacts.  

Her current work focuses on the economic evaluation of initiatives to implement evidence-based practices, incorporating economic analysis into implementation science studies, and developing pragmatic and efficient methods for tracking implementation activities to enable economic evaluation. She is a co-investigator on numerous research grants from the NIH and other research foundations examining the effectiveness, cost, and implementation of health care interventions.