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Lab News

February 2024

Clara successfully defended her dissertation titled "Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Human Olfactory Navigation" - congrats!

January 2024

Congratulations to Pao for getting a NIDCD Diversity Supplement for the Odor-Guided Navigation R01. Pao you got this!

November 2023

Our manuscript, titled "Odor representations from the two nostrils are temporally segregated in human piriform cortex", is now published, and it has been covered by Nature News. Nature News coverage provides an accessible short summary of the work:

October 2023

A new paper titled “What Does the Human Olfactory System Do, and How Does It Do It?” came out in the Annual Review of Psychology.

July 2023

The lab goes out to celebrate the lab's most recent paper titled "Recruitment of grid-like responses in human entorhinal and piriform cortices by odor landmark-based navigation" - we also paid a visit to our favorite ice cream shop in Philly, Lil' Pop Shop.

April 2023

Lab travels to Bonita Springs, Florida for the annual AChemS meeting to present 5 posters from Brianne, Clara, Ludwig, Sam, and Sarah. Clara also presented her project in the Data Blitz session. Naz received the Polak Young Investigator Award and gave a talk on her project and Andrew was invited as a speaker to present his work on olfactory working memory.

December 2022

The lab goes bowling as part of their annual holiday party.

November 2022

Clara and Naz travel to San Diego, California to present their research projects at SfN 2022.

July 2022

Golara Malaki and Melanie Cohen joined the lab! Both are research specialists in the lab and interested in studying how neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, affect the olfactory system.

June 2022

Paola Alicea-Roman joined the lab. They are currently a postbac fellow and interested in the behavioral and neural processes of learning and memory. They hope to use olfactory fMRI experiments to tap into these mechanisms.

Time for a lab outing in Philly!

First Philadelphia Olfaction Meeting between Penn and Monell at the Biopond!

April 2022

Sam received an NSF GRFP grant! Congratulations on this great feat!

February 2022

Brianne Linne joined the lab! She is a postdoctoral fellow in the lab and plans to combine psychophysics and fMRI methods to examine the impact of temporal manipulation of odor stimuli on human olfactory perception.

January 2022

The lab was awarded an R01 grant “Behavioral and Neural Substrates of Odor-Guided Navigation in the Human Brain”. Congratulations to Jay and Clara for securing funding for this exciting project!

November 2021

Sarah Cormiea joined the lab! She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the lab and uses intracranial EEG methods to study the time course of odor identity, valence and edibility coding.

August 2021

A new paper titled “The what and when of olfactory working memory in humans” came out in Current Biology.

May 2021

Sam Lyons officially joined the lab! He recently started his PhD in Neuroscience and, after completing rotations in the Mainland Lab at Monell and the Kording Lab, decided to study predictive coding in olfactory brain regions using fMRI as part of the Gottfried Lab.

February 2021

Koichiro and Clara begin fMRI scanning during the pandemic with intense-looking PPE!

September 2020

The lab comes together in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic to enjoy a socially-distanced outdoor picnic!

May 2020

Ludwig Zhao joined the lab! In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ludwig was accepted into the Biomedical Engineering graduate program at Penn and is now developing advanced fMRI methods to improve signal quality in various olfactory regions across the human brain.

April 2020

The lab was awarded an R01 grant “Spatiotemporal Mechanisms of Olfactory Processing in the Human Brain”. Congrats to Jay and Naz who have both been working super hard to make this application successful!

September 2019

The lab settled into their permanent lab space located in Stemmler Hall. Moving forward, we will share lab space with the Geffen Lab, the Cohen Lab and the Eliades Lab!

July 2019

Kyle Mabry joined the lab. He will serve as a research specialist and support an ongoing project attempting to use high-field fMRI methods in awake mice.

April 2019

The lab traveled to Bonita Springs, Florida to attend AChemS 2019. We had a great time talking science in the company of a fun chemical senses community.

Clara and Sarah presented their research projects at the MINS symposium at the University of Pennsylvania.

February 2019

The lab celebrated Valentine’s Day!

Aline Robert-Hazotte joined the lab! She is currently a postdoctoral fellow and wants to use fMRI methods to better understand olfactory perception in humans.

January 2019

Sepideh Cheheltani joined the lab! She is a research specialist and will help implement mRNA sequencing methods to better understand the human olfactory system.

November 2018

Andrew Yang joined the lab! He is currently a neurosurgery resident and plans to study the temporal aspects of human olfactory processing using intracranial EEG methods.

October 2018

Koichiro Iwai joined the lab! He is a visiting scholar from Japan and, for his research project, wants to combine gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and fMRI techniques to study pattern separation and pattern completion in human olfactory cortex.

August 2018

Clara Raithel joined the lab! She was accepted into the Psychology graduate program at Penn and is going to investigate the behavioral and neural mechanisms of human olfactory navigation.

July 2018

Sarah Kwon joined the lab! She is a research specialist and, as part of the “immuno-team”, will work towards a better understanding of basic organization principles in the human olfactory epithelium and olfactory bulb.

September 2017

The lab moved into their temporary lab space at the Stellar Chance Laboratories at the University of Pennsylvania!