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New paper from the lab! Angeloni, C.F., Mlynarski, W., Williams, A.M., Wood, K.C., Garami, L., Hermundstad, A., Geffen, M.N. (2023) Dynamics of contrast adaptation predict detection of sounds in noise. BioRXiv . Nature Communications 14, 4817. pdf

Our summer students, Arianna Acosta and Autumn Soots presented their posters on August 11 as part of the MindCORE Summer Program. So proud of you and your summer hosts, Janaki and Alex!

The Geffen Lab had lots of fun on our annual lab Beach Trip. We visited Sea Isle City where we did some kayaking and paddle boarding, followed by a lunch at Mike’s seafood and sometime relaxing on the beach. This was a great team building exercise!

Congrats to Dr. Solymar Rolon Martinez on the successful defense of her Ph.D. dissertation. Solymar’s works explores the different roles of inhibitory neurons, somatostatin and parvalbumin – positive neurons, in sound processing in the auditory thalamus.

Congrats to Omer and Jafar on passing their qualifying exams! We celebrated in the Philly sunshine in Grey’s Ferry triangle.