Faculty in the Epigenetics Institute participate in several different PhD programs at the University of Pennsylvania. All of the graduate students in Epigenetics labs enter through one of the graduate groups under the aegis of the Biomedical Graduate Studies or the Biology Program at the School of Arts and Sciences.

Many Epigenetics students enter Penn as members of the Genetics and Gene Regulation (GGR) or Developmental, Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology (DSRB) subprograms within the Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Program, while others choose other  graduate programs such as Genomics & Computational Biology, Immunology, Pharmacology Neuroscience or Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics (BMB).

Typically, students commit to one of these graduate programs when they choose Penn, and upon arrival have the opportunity of performing rotations in laboratories of Epigenetics program members. Once a student elects to perform his or her thesis in the laboratory of an Epigenetics faculty member, that student immediately becomes part of the Epigenetics community.

Shelley L. Berger, Ph.D.
SPRING 2015 – BIOL/CAMB/GCB493 – Epigenetics of Human Health and Disease

Doris Wagner, Ph.D.
SPRING 2015 – BIOL425 – Biochemistry and Genetics super lab on the topic of “Defining plant Polycomb Response elements”

Doris Wagner, Ph.D.
FALL 2015 – BIOL121 – Introductory Biology

Doris Wagner, Ph.D.
FALL 2015 – BIOL483 – Epigenetics