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Ever wonder what happens during a typical day in the lab? Want to know how researchers got interested in science in the first place? How about finding out what fun activities go on outside of working hours? Our short featured videos provide a glimpse into the inner workings of the labs at the Penn Epigenetics Institute and help you understand not just the science, but the experience, of what it’s like to do research here. Get to know the faculty a little better, and learn about what goes on inside (and outside) of the lab!

Conine Lab
Anguera Lab
Garcia Lab
Black Lab


Good Day: Alcohol Affects Memories, Triggering Cravings & Relapses
Carpenter Ants, with Dr. Shelley Berger
What Is Epigenetics

Research Talks

How the 3D organization of DNA controls cell identity
3-D Packaging of DNA Regulates Cell Identity
Pittcon 2014 – Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award – Presentation 1
Epigenetic targeting improves metabolic defects in obesity-prone mice
Piking on the Brain – October 26, 2016


Visualizing single nucleotide variants in situ via RNA FISH
turboFISH live demo

Make Your Metaphor Project

The Make Your Metaphor Project, created in part by our own Jon Epstein, aims to share Penn’s varied research with scientists and non-scientists alike. If you would like more information, please reach out to Torren Blair.

Golnaz Vahedi – Scientific Version
Golnaz Vahedi – Lay Version
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