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Signaling through Chromatin: from molecules to ecosystems

Dates: October 2 – 4, 2023
Location: Minatec Events Congress Center, Grenoble, France
Registration deadline: July 15, 2023
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In October 2023, a 3 days symposium focused on “Signaling through Chromatin: from molecules to ecosystems” will cover innovative aspects of chromatin and epigenetics, from the atomic to cellular, organismal, and population scales.

The symposium will be comprised of eight sessions, exploring chromatin dynamics and its link to several DNA and RNA-based processes such as transcription, DNA replication, repair and recombination. Finally, dedicated sessions will feature the translational implications of epigenetic studies and the development of “epi-drugs”.

The symposium will present multiple approaches, such as quantitative proteomics, metabolomics, structural biology, single-cell epigenomics and population studies in different model organisms, from yeast to plants and mammals, including 3D culture models.

Shelley Berger will give a plenary lecture!

Genome Regulation through RNA Conference

Dates: February 11 – 14, 2024
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Registration Deadline: December 11, 2023
More Information:

Conference Chairs include Roberto Bonasio and Kavitha Sarma!

The conference program covers how RNA and RNA-dependent machineries govern chromatin landscape, gene expression, and genome architecture during development, homeostasis, and in response to cellular stress. This conference prioritises high-throughput and systems biology approaches that convey new mechanistic insights into genome regulation and will also highlight emerging methods/technology that will propel the field forward in the coming years.

RNA has rapidly evolved from bystander to master orchestrator of several biological processes that take place in the nucleus. In fact, the key molecular machineries regulating gene expression and chromatin accessibility (Polycomb, Mediator, SWI/SNF, Integrator, spliceosome) are dependent on RNA for selecting their targets and for their processivity. Additionally, RNA-containing chromatin structures, such as R-loops, have now emerged as a fixture of mammalian genomes and are implicated in gene regulation, spatial chromosome organisation and genome stability.  In essence, RNA-dependent molecular machineries and RNA-DNA chromatin structures underlie transcriptional regulation and epigenetic  reprogramming across all developmental processes and ensure the overall integrity of the human genome.

This conference provides a platform for cross-fertilization between a heterogeneous set of scientific communities encompassing RNA biology, epigenetics, DNA repair, transcription, genetics, and genome engineering. The majority of talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.

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